Friday, September 21, 2007

I Like Rollercoasters....... Usually.........

Normally I like roller coasters. If I go to a theme park I want to ride all the coasters. I know a coaster is really good when my face hurts at the end of the ride because I've been grinning so big.

That's the norm for me.

I don't like the roller coaster I find myself on right now. Monday and Tuesday I was really feeling a lot better. Wednesday and Thursday I plummeted and felt horrible for two days. Nothing thrilling about that plunge. So far today I'm feeling a little better. Hopefully we're on an uphill trend for a bit.

Enough about me though:

I got an email from my aunt Karen. Her hair is pretty much gone from her chemo, but she isn't getting sick from it. That's a real answer to prayer. She's had a port implanted behind her collar bone so that the chemo can be directly administered there. Continue to pray for aunt Karen and for Brooke Nungesser in Poznan, Poland (I mentioned her recurrent pituitary tumor last post). If you want to, you can keep praying for me, but I'm pretty much on the mend and there's no place to go but up....... well, except for the occasional plunge......

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Anonymous said...

Me too. I had a rollycoaster day except it wouldn't go up the hills and I praised God and am thankful for all things he gave me today. You taught me that!